What Is the Best Mobile CRM Solution?

It is considered common knowledge that the best solution to any problem is one that you’ll actually use. This is also true for your customer relationship management software. The best mobile CRM solutions can help improve sales, enhance productivity and even provide advanced insights into your sales process anytime, anywhere. 


Since the main difference between the best mobile CRM and desktop CRMs is convenience, you need to make sure the mobile CRM you choose has maximized its functionality. This means that the best mobile CRM solution has to provide advanced design options that optimize usage for smaller mobile touchscreens. 

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Mobile-first Functionality

Beware of counterproductive mobile CRM apps that mirror their desktop counterparts. These will often be hard to read, challenging to update, and miss out on the unique opportunities that the best mobile CRM solutions have to offer.

These opportunities include features like geolocation, which allows reps to view leads on a map and get one-touch driving directions to their next meeting. This is in addition to the other unique features offered by the best mobile CRM solutions such as real-time alerts, visit outcome tracking, automated data capture, full access to all sales reports and even convenient email templates.

Offline Access

Sales reps will even have access to their CRM information when they’re offline, adding to the major convenience factor of the best mobile CRM solutions. When internet connection is slim or nonexistent, reps can continue their work without interruption, and any updates they make will sync to the CRM once they’re back online. Having an expansive mobile component to your primary CRM is both easy and convenient if you choose the right option. 

For more on how choose the best mobile CRM solution, be sure to review our collection of helpful resources in this evaluation guide. This resource will help you locate, assess, and choose the best mobile CRM for your company. 

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