What Are the Differences between On-Premise CRM and Cloud Based CRM Solutions?

Having a CRM for your business is crucial. However, choosing which one is best for your unique needs can be a challenge. An important factor to consider is whether you need an on-premise CRM or one of the many available cloud based CRM solutions.  

What Is an On-Premise CRM?

An on-premise CRM is a customer relationship management application that can be managed internally within your company using your own hardware. On-premise CRMs do not have any data storage limitations.  

They typically offer a wide array of integrations with other applications your business already uses. In addition to being fully customizable, on-premise CRMs also offer the opportunity to upgrade or move to cloud based CRM solutions at any time, although data migration from on-prem to cloud based CRM solutions can be quite an undertaking without the support of an expert vendor. 

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Points to Consider When Choosing an On-Premise CRM 

This method requires in-house maintenance, hardware, and a supportive IT infrastructure. On-premise CRMs are also associated with fees for installation and maintenance. Companies who want to implement an on-premise CRM should know they will also be responsible for their own cyber security, as well as managing any and all updates or third-party connectors.  

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Based CRM Solutions?

Online CRMs have the added bonus of a dedicated cyber security team and helpful CRM success and support tools. These features help businesses choose and implement their CRM in a shorter period of time. Subscription fees for online CRMs also tend to be more cost-effective, and include the cost of on-going upkeep and maintenance. Cloud based CRM solutions also offer robust APIs that make it exceptionally easy to connect them with almost any other solution that your business uses.

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Cloud based CRM solutions are customer relationship management applications that are stored on remote servers and can be securely accessed online. These CRMs are faster and cheaper to set up since they do not require any hardware or additional IT team intervention. They are also fully scalable and prove to be a reliable tool for any business with a decent Internet connection. 

What Are Cloud Based CRM Solutions? 

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