What Does CRM Do?

Although you’ve heard the term many times before, you may find yourself wondering: what does CRM do? In the simplest of terms, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will manage your sales process and customer relationships. This type of software can perform a number of useful tasks and offers a simple solution to many complicated issues the majority of businesses face today. But exactly what does CRM do?

Enhance Productivity

CRMs offer an array of user-friendly tools that will help increase productivity for sales managers and reps alike. For example, a CRM automatically tracks communication from client emails, calls, text messages and more. It then compiles your entire client deal history into one easily accessible place with no added effort on your part. This type of software can also improve efficiency with features like auto call logging, customizable email templates, and sophisticated lead scoring to help you focus your attention on high-value relationships.

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Analyze Performance 

Whether your enterprise business is established or just starting up, other benefits to consider when asking “what does CRM do” are the ability to automatically sync data between other systems and comprehensive email intelligence.

A great CRM can help you make smarter sales decisions. Data points on each prospective client can be tagged, organized by fields, have individual acquisition statuses, and even provide customized pipelines. A CRM can help build new and existing relationships from almost any device - a truly impressive feat!

Integrate Seamlessly

CRMs can be built or purchased. Most purchasable CRMs can be customized to suit your specific needs. They can even integrate with your other existing systems such as analytics software, contact management apps, customer support platforms, lead generation tools, productivity systems and many more. Some even come with quality customer support with in-house experts ready to assist you 24/7.

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CRM programs include features like powerful analyzation tools that can collect and produce daily visual sales reports with a number of insights for your business. This leads to a better understanding of both your sales process and your target market. CRM reporting offers information that can improve sales funnel conversions for teams that want to drive growth with real-time activity.

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