What is a CRM?

You’ve heard the term a million times, but you may be asking yourself: what is a CRM? CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software application that provides a platform for managing, measuring, and improving the sales process of any business. 

What Is a CRM: Productivity-Enhancing

A CRM can increase the productivity of your entire sales team. A common challenge that most sales reps face is keeping up with a plethora of notes, meetings, emails and phone calls. These tasks usually require some tedious and time-consuming organization. Sales reps who don’t use a CRM also risk losing or misplacing information that could cause issues for other members of their team. 

The highly intuitive user-interface of a CRM can remedy these hiccups by automatically capturing, updating, and organizing the information for you. The deal history of all your leads is easily accessible on one user-friendly program where it can be viewed by your entire department.  

You can even use a CRM for automatic lead scoring with ranking based on full-funnel analytics. The software considers factors such as demographic, firmographic, and channel inputs. With automatic lead scoring, you and your team can focus on the highest value relationships that are most worth your limited time and resources. 

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What Is a CRM: Data-Driven

CRMs provide a simple and sleek system for both the collecting and analyzing of customer data. This software allows you to track information like customer interactions, calendar appointments, and sales goals, among other data points and key tasks.

This valuable information, gathered over time, can help you track the unique customer journey of each buyer and recognize patterns within your sales pipeline (like) common drop off points. By assessing, not guessing, you can master the sales process from every angle and better serve your clients along the way.

What Is a CRM: Integration-Friendly

Companies of all sizes can benefit from the use of a CRM and it’s often better to purchase one than to build it yourself. In fact, quality CRMs are often customizable and have extra features that may further increase your sales tactics. When purchasing a CRM, it’s important to consider the number and quality of features available.

The important thing to keep in mind is what matters most to you. For example, if you’re looking for a simple yet responsive tool, be sure to find a CRM solution that will integrate with other programs you already use. This will provide a great alternative to making your sales reps use multiple web applications for a single task, as well as provide access to key prospect and customer information that may live in other business platforms like marketing automation.

Hopefully you’re no longer asking yourself, “What is a CRM?” If this info has you thinking more about what a CRM can do for you, be sure to check out this helpful evaluation guide. This selection of valuable resources will help you choose a CRM that is right for your company’s specific needs.

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